Petersburg Virginia is known for having the most 18th century homes per capita in America. So naturally, it’s home to a lot of old stuff. Some valuable. Some hip and trendy. And some just cool and weird. Add to that Kimberly Ann Calos, a quirky, high-energy entrepreneur, trend setter and designer – and you have Petersburg Pickers. 


Kimberly will go into attics and storage closets that haven’t been opened for decades. Kimberly picks only the highest quality, most unusual, very fashionable and incredibly desirable merchandise possible. And the gold is not only the picks, but in the interaction and negotiations between Kimberly and the homeowners. Will her picks sell? It’s always a gamble when catering to the mostly hipster clientele. Is it still on trend? Will it be a new trend? We’ll see as Kimberly fills the store with new and repurposed finds everyday.


Each episode features Kimberly and her team with a new home, attic, or garage to pick through. We will meet the homeowners and get the history behind different items, their home, and their family. Kimberly has a fun time with negotiating and usually gets what she wants at the price she wants. Once her van is full, we head back to Petersburg Pickers to watch the refurbishing or repurposing process. There’s sure to be little drama, but a lot of laughs as we get a peek into the design mind that Kimberly possesses as she turns normal, everyday items into highly desirable pieces of functional furniture. Once the pieces are ready for the sales floor, we’ll meet some of the interesting characters looking for a “conversation starter” for their home. We’ll watch Kimberly turn on the charm in hopes of making a sale.