Deck The Walls

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It’s a ho-ho holiday showdown in this unprecedented Christmas design competition to tinsel your way to the top as America’s holiday obsession fires up again this winter season. Four design competitors think they have what it takes to create the ultimate Winter Wonderland from twinkling trees to chestnuts by the fire. Who will be naughty, who will be nice, and who will decorate their way to becoming America’s Christmas Design Champion?

Round One: The Tree

The competition begins with the classic holiday icon - The Christmas Tree. Four competitors are each given a blank canvas upon which to build their Christmas tree creation. In just one hour, these decorators will turn average pines into glistening, sparkling timbers. Trees are judged on style, proportion, and technical difficulty. Three decorators advance and one is sent packing.

Round Two: The Interior

Our three competitors take on their next challenge: to create a living room holiday oasis. From fireplaces to window treatments, no detail is spared. Competitors have 3 hours to transform drab living rooms into live-action snow globes. They will cull materials, construct their custom designs, and put the finishing touches in place before jingle judgment day. One competitor is served with holiday blues as two turtle doves advance to the final round.

Round Three: The Exterior

Two competitors remain in this head-to-head holiday finale. With daylight running out - each must create a jaw-dropping, car-stopping, holiday scape for the exterior of a home. Every layer of structure, garland, lights, and glitter counts as competitors fight through to the finish. A ‘daylight assessment’  before the sun goes down awards points for color, texture, and design - before the holly jolly “#lit “ moment we’ve all been waiting for. Our holiday-sanctioned host ‘plugs them in for the big, sparkling, sleigh bell spectacle and awards the trophy and the glory to the ultimate Jingle Bell champion.