Content is KING and Studio Center is The King of Content! During the last 13 years, we’ve completed almost 150,000 projects! We’ve won thousands of audio and video awards including over 100 TELLYS for Outstanding Video Production! YOU need video more than ever and we have a litany of talent, resources, and facilities to bring you the very best video content with our legendary Studio Center Customer Service! Look around and if you like what you see, call or email us ANY time and we’ll get your project underway!

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These are some of our finished videos even we can’t stop watching. Guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, or goosebumps on your arm, give them a watch to see what we can do for you!

Client Feedback

  • Studio Center makes it so easy for us to find high-quality talent! Great as usual.
    – Cassie S.
  • The people are talented and collaborative. That's great chemistry!
    – Chris T.
  • I love working with Chris, Dwenda, and Peter Pope. Chris and Peter are excellent creative partners, and Dwenda makes sure stuff actually gets done! I only wish Peter Pope wouldn't be so shy about winning that international award. Getting him to talk about it or even show it to us was like pulling teeth. There's no need to be so modest, Peter. Go ahead and be proud of that thing. It's worthy of mentioning to more people.
    – Mick T.
  • Working with your producers makes it a true collaboration. Studio Center does a great job of respecting the original vision of the creative, while identifying potential blind-spots. This gives us confidence that we'll end up with a truly outstanding result.
    – Mick T.
  • My experience was primarily the onsite design and shoot which was an excellent. The team arrived cheerful and on time on a beautiful Saturday morning. They were prepared, addressed any issues that arose promptly and professionally, and worked through late hours maintaining their friendly and professional personas to get the project completed on schedule.
    – Anne T.
  • I worked with SC on two separate casting sessions for one of my high priority projects. It was super easy working with both the on-screen talent department and then the voice over talent department. During my time working with SC, my town and house were hit by a record breaking storm and flood -- Samantha Alonso heard about the devastation and treated me to a complimentary lunch! That meant the world to me!
    – Emily O.
  • Very easy to work with, always accommodating and willing to put forth the extra effort. Final video was great. Also, the patience with the multitude of changes - I really appreciate!
    – Sarah T.
  • I love working with people who understand this crazy business that we work in ... yet always maintain a wonderful and professional demeanor. Studio Center has been accommodating our studio for over 20yrs. Your service only gets better and better.
    – Ray S.
  • The flexibility and immediate responses from my rep! Excellent and top-tier customer service around the clock.
    – Harvey A.
  • I love the prompt service...attention to detail... and your willingness to help get the production out at the 12th hour. I have been doing work with Studio Center since 1997... and the service is always top-notch!
    – Ray S.
  • Your film and production crew were fantastic and did make the video turn out to be what it NEEDED to be, rather than what I thought it should be.
    – Annie V.
  • You make me look like a hero to our clients, and I know we are always running an outstanding commercial that will deliver results.
    – Laura L.
  • Very strong follow up. It made me feel important.
    – James B.
  • Great people, great technology, great customer experience!
    – Bill M.
  • Staff is the best! Very friendly and highly skilled. Consistently great.
    – Joe A.
  • I love how Studio Center makes my life easier.
    – Paul T.
  • Have always loved SC, awesome work and great people!
    – Diane L.
  • Courtesy and professional employees. Everything was great!
    – Harvey A.
  • Super friendly and easy!
    – Drew W.
  • Everyone is so friendly and easy going, and it went perfectly!
    – Andrea C.
  • Responsive, professional and great. Mercedes is fantastic!
    – Cassie E.

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