Telly Award Winners

2015 winners

In 2015, Studio Center soared to remarkable heights in the world of video production by securing an astounding nineteen Telly Awards. This incredible accomplishment showcased their unrivaled creative talent and their ability to consistently deliver exceptional video content. The awards spanned various categories, demonstrating their versatility and proficiency in the art of visual storytelling.
Among the esteemed clients featured in Studio Center's award-winning portfolio were renowned brands such as Barbasol, Massimo Zanetti, Ryka sports shoes, Genworth, and Goodwill. Studio Center's work for each of these clients shone as a testament to their profound understanding of brand identity and their capacity to transform it into captivating and memorable video content.
Studio Center's excellence was not just in their creativity but also in their adaptability. They were able to tailor their approach to meet the unique needs and vision of each client, resulting in video content that resonated deeply with audiences. From the iconic imagery of Barbasol to the dynamic energy of Ryka sports shoes, their work left an indelible mark.
This remarkable feat of securing nineteen Telly Awards in a single year was not only a recognition of Studio Center's creative brilliance but also an affirmation of their unwavering commitment to achieving exceptional results for their clients. It solidified their reputation as a leading force in the world of video production, leaving no doubt about their ability to craft compelling and visually stunning narratives.