The Green Room

With Olivia

Step into the Green Room with Studio Center’s very own Olivia Prettyman and get to know our phenomenal staff even better, maybe even uncover some fun facts you never knew about them. 

Embark on an engaging journey behind the scenes as Studio Center invites you to step into the Green Room with Olivia Prettyman, offering a unique opportunity to get better acquainted with the phenomenal individuals who form the backbone of this creative powerhouse. Olivia peels back the curtain to reveal the vibrant personalities and untold stories of Studio Center's talented staff.
In this intimate series, Olivia's dynamic conversations go beyond the professional realm, delving into the personal lives and passions of the individuals who contribute to Studio Center's success. From the directors to the creative minds shaping visual narratives, each episode promises to uncover anecdotes, talents, and fun facts that add a personal touch to the studio's collaborative environment.
These Green Room sessions not only showcase the diverse talents within Studio Center but also create a sense of connection between the team and the audience. Olivia's interviews capture the essence of each team member, fostering a deeper understanding of the personalities driving the creativity and innovation at Studio Center.
As viewers tune in, they can anticipate discovering unexpected facets of the Studio Center team, forging a stronger connection with the faces behind the scenes. The Green Room series becomes a window into the human side of Studio Center, where the extraordinary talents and unique stories of each staff member come to life, enriching the audience's appreciation for the creative force that propels Studio Center's success.