For 54 years and thousands of Audio Awards, including an Emmy and a Grammy, Studio Center has been providing the very best in Audio Post Production including Editing, Mixing, Sound Design, ADR, Original Music, and Effects.

Combining the immense talents of our 6 audio engineers in 4 locations with our exclusive Roster of unparalleled Non-Union Voice Talent gives us the resources to give you the very best audio production in the country!

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Client Testimonials

  • What did you love about working with us?:
    Being a gospel man, it was a revelation to work with such Godlike talent as the Producer, Graham, and the voice talent, Tommy. They have shaken my faith and I am considering conversion to the Church of Studio Center. Amen.

    What could we do better next time?:
    Do not blaspheme. There is no "better" when it comes to the completeness and perfection of the ecstasy one derives from working with such omnipotence.
    – Paul R.
  • The team is always so professional, kind, and top-notch talent! It's always a wonderful experience!
    – Alexis V.
  • Super fast turnaround with great talent. Everything was great !
    – Trevor B.
  • The staff is responsive, thorough, and very pleasant to talk to. They ensure our sessions always go smoothly and cater to our needs (even on short notice).
    – Sterling S.
  • Huge talent selection. Able to quote and schedule at the last minute. The talent and engineer were extremely professional. In fact, they were able to jump back on after the session was closed for a pickup line.
    – Chris S.
  • Created a lot of product in a short period of time. Everything was great
    – Trevor B.
  • Loving the massive talent catalog was just the start. Adrienne kept the project moving and was able to get us the information we needed incredibly fast. The recording session was a breeze - the engineer and talent were nothing less than professionals. And to top it off, we got the finished VO track about 30 minutes after the session ended!
    – Chris S.
  • Your studio's speed and you clearly displayed as experts in your field. The talent was great and we had a wide variety to select from to fit our particular needs. Recording was super smooth and efficient.
    – Audrey M.
  • Great session, quickly got what we needed!
    – Nicholas E.
  • We Loved Everything! Maria was very responsive and great at making all the pre-pro arrangements. Peter the engineer was speedy, professional, accommodating, and offered the talent some good direction.
    – Hank S.
  • Loved that the Client was able to sit in on the studio session and the great customer service.
    – Angela N.
  • We loved how easy it was to get the project started, and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to our talent shine! Everything was perfect for us.
    – Dana C.
  • On a tight timeline, got me in quickly to meet my client's needs.
    – Nicholas E.
  • Graham was excellent about helping the actor feel comfortable. The actor clearly practiced her lines in advance and came prepared!
    – Mandy R.
  • We love that you always make us look good in front of our clients. Graham was spectacular!
    – Brian H.
  • Very friendly team, works fast and efficiently. Excellent pool of talent.
    – Daniele S.
  • Quick session, got exactly what was needed.
    – Nicholas E.
  • Variety of selection, fast casting time!
    – Rob D.
  • Well organized, streamlined, and proactive. The demo read interface for projects was nice. Things went great!
    – Rob D.
  • Got a talent outside your stable quickly, no hold-ups.
    – Nicholas E.
  • We love our voice-over talent and our sound engineer, Ryan Dorp. Studio Center makes a stressful task seamless and easy. Lana is great to work with and the reason we like Studio Center.
    – Daniel F.
  • Great session, quick and professional. Nothing to fix
    – Nicholas E.
  • Crushing it for "Fresh From Florida" client. Great talent interpretations on the scripts. Always a great experience and a lot of fun.
    – Trevor B.
  • I've worked with Sarah and her team for several months now and my clients are always excited about the creative that they come up with. Great team to work with. If you're not using Studio Center, your doing your clients a dis-service.
    – Traig K.
  • Ease of coordination. All was good - Mercedes was very helpful.
    – Jill D.
  • Friendly staff. Flexible with budgets. A great pool of talent.
    – Gina T.
  • Love the ease of communication and solid talent.
    – Dana B.
  • Your communication and professionalism are unmatched. Audio Producers are the best and the Talent always delivers.
    – Craig T.
  • The techs are knowledgeable and good facilitators by keeping the sessions moving. I also appreciate the extra editing that the techs offer and that help speed along my editing process.
    – Rob V.
  • Loved the responsiveness and professionalism of our rep., Maria Rhodes, and the personalized expert services from your engineers.
    – William S.
  • Great talent, great AE, and great final product!
    – Nick E.
  • Our agency has used Studio Center's voice talent and audio services for years and it's always a pleasure working with them! Maria is our fabulous account manager and helps us find the best talent for each of our client projects. Working with Bob, Ryan, Graham and the rest of the audio team is always smooth, easy, and fun - they're all so personable and professional. I highly recommend Studio Center and look forward to continuing to work with them!
    – Andrea A.
  • I've worked with Sarah and her team for several months now and my clients are always excited about the creative that they come up with. Great team to work with. If you're not using Studio Center, your doing your clients a dis-service.
    You Guys Rock!
    – Traig K.
  • Love Mercedes, Shippley, and your talent!
    – Rich R.
  • On time, great talent, speed of turnaround, well-produced radio spot.
    – Nicholas E.
  • Knocked out a read for me when I was off the phone.
    – Nick E.
  • Graham knows Spanish, so we didn't need someone else on the line who spoke the language. Thanks, Graham!
    – Brian H.
  • Maria is always on top of things when it comes to booking a session, love working with her! Bob was great (as usual) during our last session and came prepared with the last version of the video pulled up so we could ensure Katie's new reads matched the tone/pace of the current video. VO sessions are always easy and efficient!
    – Andrea A.
  • What did you love about working with us?:
    My team of Maria Rhodes, Shippley, and Lynn B are amazing. I most love working with them.
    What could we do better next time?:
    How could you possibly do better than getting 100/100?
    – Scott L.
  • We recorded more than 20 30-second spots in just two days. I was not looking forward to that much production over those two days, but the producer/engineer Peter and the talent we hired made the two days a pleasure and lots of fun. Even with a few last-minute changes on our end and with talent availability, we were able to get the job done. Everything was great!
    – Trevor B.
  • You guys go above and beyond and are always cheerful to work with - even if that means producing 21 spots in two days. Everything was great - including the talent!
    – Trevor B.
  • Great response from Zac. Great service from Shippley.
    – David S.
  • I love that you guys are so responsive and that you very much work with me as a team. I am freelance and have a wide range of clients with different needs. You guys always help me find creative solutions that work within the client's budget. I also love working with Mercedes - she's the best.
    – Eric S.
  • I can always get our talent in fast, sometimes even same day.
    – Brian H.
  • Love the prompt service, setting up recording sessions quickly, and the professionalism of the talent and engineer.
    – Stan M.
  • Love the facility, our engineer, and the snacks!
    – Bruce M.
  • Love the friendly interaction with Maria and the great interactions and timely responses from all engineers!
    – Carrie P.
  • Got the VO I wanted & needed on my schedule.
    – Nick E.
  • Studio Center makes it so easy for us to find high-quality talent! Great as usual.
    – Cassie S.
  • Super responsive to scheduling requests and professional engineer to work with talent and clients.
    – Laura B.
  • Always easy to schedule talent!
    – Cassie S.
  • Wynn’s & Shipley are pros, fun, & Uber talented!
    – Nick E.
  • I love Lana. She is always so responsive and always delivers what we need.
    – Lisa C.
  • Laurie and Graham were excellent to work with!!
    – Katherine L.
  • We love how quick they are to respond when we need Hot requests and how easy Studio Center is to work with!
    – Sydney J.
  • Mercedes, Shippley, and talent Bart were fantastic!
    – Rich R.
  • Turnaround times are incredible. Sometimes I can get in there on the same day! All good!
    – Brian H.
  • Zac was super helpful and patient with getting this VO session scheduled. All went well.
    – Andi H.
  • Great Talent. Great Producer, and Service. Mercedes is the best! Keep doing what you do!
    – Craig T.
  • Accommodated a very tight deadline on short notice.
    – Nicholas E.
  • Graham helped us out big time with his fluency in Spanish. Saved us from having a language consultant on the session.
    – Brian H.
  • Quick response time, friendly and fun energy from both the talent and studio tech.
    – Leanna D.
  • Maria makes things happen quickly and effortlessly. Went great.
    – Neil W.
  • Graham stepped right in and helped me with a Spanish language recording session. Very helpful.
    – Brian H.
  • Absolute professionalism. Talent got days mixed up and Lana tracked him down and we were still able to record the same day (which needed to happen). Great can-do attitude with her and Graham. Keep up the good work!
    – Cris T.
  • Samantha Rocks! Everything is always on point.
    – David G.
  • Love Mercedes, Shippley, and the fantastic talent!
    – Rich R.
  • You guys are efficient and always supply options that meet our needs.
    – Pam M.
  • Ease of communications, ease of perusing talent. I love working with Sarah, and engineer Graham was great too.
    – Tara H.
  • Budget-friendly + cost flexibility. Super kind staff.
    – Gina T.
  • Efficient and quick turn around. We enjoy working with your team!
    – Elizabeth M.
  • The speed from the initial request to the final delivery was second to none. Peter, our engineer played a huge role in helping the voice actor deliver exactly what we wanted.
    – Ken M.
  • MERCEDES is fantastic, so responsive, talent was great, and super patient with our client. All communications were timely and your talent (Julianne W) showed great poise and patience in dealing with a very long-running VO session.
    – Susan R.
  • Mercedes and the engineers make the recording process painless. They have the highest level of professionalism and always have quick turnaround times with clear communication. Studio Center runs like a well-oiled machine.
    – AnaKarina C.
  • Mercedes and Peter Pope are incredibly responsive and turn things around in an instant.
    – Brian H.
  • Responsive, fast, and always a good experience in the session.
    – Charlie S.
  • Shippley is always awesome, Maria Rhodes is on it and the talent is always spot on.
    – Rob D.
  • The communication was outstanding. We appreciated the extra effort during the audition process. The engineer was also great to work with.
    – Nate B.
  • Even while traveling for Thanksgiving, we were able to record two radio spots and another video VO with ease. Always a great experience.
    – Trevor B.
  • Professional, great attitudes, quick turnaround, a pleasure to work with!
    – Aaron H.
  • Love the fast courteous service - quick booking and billing.
    – Damon M.
  • Super accommodating! Quick turnarounds!
    – Denise R.
  • Love your flexibility in being able to find us the perfect talent - even if its last minute!
    – Cassie S.
  • Love Mercedes and Shippley + outstanding VO talent.
    – Rich R.
  • Maria is good, on point, she understands our sense of urgency and is very professional, a good communicator.
    – Rik C.
  • Speed of service was amazing. I requested a voiceover and had it scheduled and completed the next day.
    – Ken M.
    – Nicholas E.
  • Everyone on your team was so prompt and professional. Truly top-notch! Your team made our job easy, from booking to recording.
    – Cindy W.
  • Good team. From The Marketing/Casting team being so responsive, to the sound engineers that are always very helpful during the sessions, make it easy to work
    with you all.
    – Dan A.
  • My engineer, Graham was very efficient and professional.
    – Steve S.
  • You have full service from Casting to audio people.
    – Charlotte K.
  • Maria is great and always helps get sessions scheduled quickly, and recommends talent when needed. Working with engineers and talent is always super easy and awesome! Engineers are quick, flexible, and professional. Ryan was so great to work with during our last session with Hannah.
    – Andrea A.
  • Organized, quick turnaround for scheduling and production. Everything is working well!
    – Elizabeth M.
  • Enjoyable people. So easy to work with. And always a quick turnaround. Honestly, your service is top-notch... I can't imagine asking you to do anything better!
    – Michele M.
  • Love the flexibility and versatility. Everything was quick and easy!
    – Trevor B.
  • Best editors, and easy to work with everyone.
    – AnaKarina C.
  • Appreciate the new VO options, super helpful.
    – Nick E.
  • Love the ease and speed of being able to schedule VO sessions.
    – Trevor B.
  • Setting up the appointment was a very easy process. The engineer was friendly and explained the entire process to me. The translator was very professional and did an amazing job!
    – Maisha C.
  • Excellent production quality!
    – Paige G.


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