Top Ten Voice Talent

Top Ten Men

We have the BEST Roster of Male Voiceover Talent in the country available to you 24/7 for Sessions and Unlimited FREE Auditions.

1. Eric W. — listen to complete demo

2. Kwame R. — listen to complete demo

3. Ralph G. — listen to complete demo

4. Bart T. — listen to complete demo

5. Jay W. — listen to complete demo

6. Tommy C. - listen to complete demo

7. Wynn E. — listen to complete demo

8. Dan S. — listen to complete demo

9. Rob V. — listen to complete demo

10. Kurt H.listen to complete demo


Top Ten Women

Studio Center has undoubtedly the DEEPEST Female Voiceover Roster in the country! 10 to 15 samples deep for most reads! Give them a listen. Start at the top with these Talented Ladies! We rank them each month based on YOUR volume!

1. Rosemarie U. — click for complete demo

2. Hannah Z. — click for complete demo

3. Anjuli C. — click for complete demo

4. Vita C. — click for complete demo

5. Michelle F. — click for complete demo

6. Laurie N. — click for complete demo

7. Amanda M. — click for complete demo

8. Heather M. — click for complete demo

9. Lynn B. — click for complete demo

10. Ashley C— click for complete demo

Top Ten Kids/teens

Sample some of Studio Center’s THOUSANDS of “Kid Reads”! Our kid voice actors have appeared on thousands of National Radio and TV Commercials and some have even grown onto our Adult Rosters! The Star of Television’s “The Flash”, Grant Gustin, was a Studio Center Kid BEFORE he got his superpowers and before “Glee”!

Top 5 Girl Voice Talent

1. Rainier T — click for complete demo

2. Paris W. — click for complete demo

3. Lily K. — click for complete demo

4. Nyssa R. — click for complete demo

5. Stormie T. — click for complete demo

Top 5 Boy VOice Talent

1. Gabriel Q— click for complete demo

2. Mitchell T. — click for complete demo

3. Chandler M— click for complete demo

4. Sam S. — click for complete demo

5. Quinn M. — click for complete demo


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