Telly Award Winners

2017 winners

In 2017, Studio Center, a leading creative agency, celebrated a remarkable achievement with a total of twelve Telly Award wins, underscoring their excellence in creative production. Their collaborations with notable clients, including The US Navy, Sprint, Patron Vodka, Elephant Insurance, and Mosquito Joe, resulted in award-winning work that left a lasting impression.
The US Navy's partnership with Studio Center produced a powerful video that encapsulated the Navy's dedication to service and strength, earning them a well-deserved Telly Award for excellence in video production. Sprint's captivating advertising campaigns, brought to life by Studio Center's creative team, resonated with viewers and garnered recognition for their effectiveness in the crowded telecom market.
Studio Center's creative prowess extended to the spirits industry with Patron Vodka, where they crafted a visually appealing and engaging commercial that stood out in a competitive market, earning them another Telly Award. Elephant Insurance's compelling storytelling and Mosquito Joe's memorable advertising campaign also received accolades for their innovation, creativity, and effectiveness, further highlighting Studio Center's expertise in producing content that captivates audiences and delivers results.
These twelve Telly Awards are a testament to Studio Center's dedication to delivering high-quality content and their ability to help clients make a lasting impact in the competitive world of advertising and media production.