Telly Award Winners

2018 winners

In 2018, Studio Center, a renowned creative content production company, achieved an impressive feat by securing seven prestigious Telly Awards across various categories. These accolades celebrated the company's exceptional work in video and film production, further solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry.
One of Studio Center's standout clients, Norfolk Academy, received a Telly Award for a compelling promotional video that captured the essence of the institution's educational mission. The video showcased Studio Center's ability to create emotionally engaging content that resonated with the audience.
Scientific Games, a global leader in the gaming and lottery industry, also earned a Telly Award for a dynamic video production that highlighted their innovative products and services. This recognition underlined Studio Center's expertise in crafting impactful marketing materials for clients in diverse sectors.
Additionally, Studio Center's collaboration with the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) resulted in another Telly Award, acknowledging the exceptional storytelling and production quality in their sports-related content.
The Portsmouth Pavilion, a popular entertainment venue, celebrated a Telly Award win for a promotional video that showcased their vibrant events. Studio Center's creative team effectively conveyed the excitement and energy of the venue through captivating visuals and engaging narratives.
Health Warrior health foods, a company committed to providing nutritious and delicious superfoods, also earned a Telly Award for their product-focused video. This recognition highlighted Studio Center's proficiency in promoting health and wellness brands.
In total, Studio Center's seven Telly Awards in 2018 reflected the company's diverse talents and ability to create outstanding content across different industries, cementing its reputation as a premier creative agency in the world of video production.