Telly Award Winners

2019 winners

In 2019, Studio Center celebrated a remarkable achievement by receiving a total of fifteen Telly Awards, a testament to their dedication and creativity in the world of video and television production. These prestigious accolades recognized excellence in various categories, showcasing Studio Center's versatility and talent across different industries.
Among the notable winners was Old Dominion University, which earned recognition for their outstanding video production work. Studio Center's partnership with this esteemed educational institution demonstrated their ability to create compelling content tailored to the unique needs of their clients.
Performance Food Service, another Telly Award recipient, highlighted Studio Center's proficiency in crafting impactful videos for the food industry, making their clients' offerings more visually appealing and engaging.
The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) received accolades for their collaboration with Studio Center, showcasing the agency's capacity to create compelling sports-related content.
The Williamsburg Winery, a renowned name in the wine industry, benefitted from Studio Center's expertise, leading to a Telly Award for their outstanding video production efforts.
Studio Center's own original productions, a testament to their creative prowess and innovation, were also recognized with Telly Awards. This showcased the agency's ability to set the bar high and lead by example in the competitive world of video and television production.
These fifteen Telly Awards solidify Studio Center's position as a leading force in the industry, showcasing their ability to deliver exceptional content across various sectors, and continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.