Friends In Rehab

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Meet the Atlas Realty team, where retro swagger meets edgy style. This trifecta of millennial real estate gurus transforms vintage homes into modern homebuyers’ dreams…and they do it in a city steeped in history.

Richmond, Virginia is one of the country’s bustling, and most unexpected, hubs for millennials - speci´Čücally those with Big Ideas - successfully infusing a creative, modern vibe into the historic, southern city...and the Atlas team has this millennial housing market cornered.

Each episode has the team transform a rundown, outdated home into fabulous millennial-approved digs for their client. Trying to work within the buyer’s reno budget, taste and ømeframe, the team rehabs an outdated Richmond house, unveiling a reinvigorated, stylish home.

ACT Breakdown

SHOW OPEN/COLD OPEN – :45 - 1:00

(interspersed with SOTs from scenes) 

  • SEAN: I’m Sean. I’m a real estate agent along with my fiancé Mindie and my best friend Darren. 
  • DARREN: We renovate homes in historic Richmond, Virginia, transforming outdated properties into next-generation homes. 
  • MINDIE: And we do it with a style that merges modern and traditional – and is always unique. 
  • (tease specific episode)

ACT 1 - 7:00 

  • Team mtg: 
    – Next property up for reno - recent sale.
    – Details about the house, clients.
    – Age, issues, potential concerns. 
  • The team meets clients/homeowners at the property: 
    – First time the full team is seeing the house.
    – Clients’ wants / needs / concerns
    – Team gives plans for reno – GFX over shots. 
  • Demo begins 
  • Team encounters problem

ACT 2 - 5:00 

  • We return to the problem, the team finds a solution 
  • Demo continues / next project (Sean or Darren) 
  • Mindie mtg with clients redesign elements using Pinterest & samples 
  • Sean & Darren meet with GC - change in plans or new idea - what can be done? 

ACT 3 - 5:00 

  • Reno continues - solution/answer from the end of Act 2 
  • Mindie shops design elements/ works on personalized pieces made from original hardware/features of the home 
  • Reno continues - Sean & Darren are on the hunt (light fixtures, flooring, etc.) 
  • Budget concerns -- sizzle features V functionality - client chooses 

ACT 4 - 4:00 

  • Final touches: 
    – Last elements / assembly / staging 
  • The Reveal 
    – original life-sized photo of the home circa the time it was built reveals the “After” – Before/afters/client reacts 
  • The team presents clients with a personalized feature for home 
  • Client OTFs