Southern Comfort

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Courtney and Harrison, the talented and charismatic owners of Mimosa Design, have embarked on an exciting new adventure with their captivating reality show, "Southern Comfort." With their background in interior design and a passion for showcasing the best of Southern culture, this power couple is redefining the world of home makeovers and lifestyle television. 
In each episode of "Southern Comfort," Courtney and Harrison immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Southern life, drawing inspiration from the region's unique heritage, traditions, and aesthetics. From quaint Southern cottages to sprawling plantation homes, they tackle a diverse range of design projects, each with its own set of challenges. Their expertise and innovative approach to interior design make for compelling viewing, as they transform living spaces into beautiful and functional masterpieces, all while respecting the character and history of the homes.
What sets "Southern Comfort" apart is not just the design transformations but also the heartwarming stories woven throughout. Courtney and Harrison take the time to connect with the homeowners, sharing their experiences, struggles, and dreams. Their genuine interactions and personal touch make the show a heartwarming and emotional journey, as viewers witness the transformative power of design on people's lives.
With a generous dose of Southern charm, "Southern Comfort" showcases the warmth, hospitality, and sense of community that the South is known for. Courtney and Harrison's infectious enthusiasm, along with their commitment to their craft and the people they meet, create a unique and engaging television experience that resonates with viewers from all walks of life. As a result, "Southern Comfort" is not just a design show; it's an inspiring celebration of culture, creativity, and the enduring spirit of the South.