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Best friends and lovers of mystery - Lance and Tim are diving deep into missing person cases, murders, robberies, and family mysteries all over the United States. With a keen eye for storytelling and the backup of brotherhood to keep them from getting spooked - they will interview subjects, cull sources, and establish
viable theories for each case. Suiting up (and holding hands) - they embark on a boots-on-the-ground mission to shed light on forgotten cases that have gone cold.


Every episode tackles a mystery, cold case, or burning question that Lance and Tim are dying to crack open. Along with their expertise in piecing together, the clues to a mystery comes their love and reliance on crowd solving many of the outstanding questions that only locals or those affected by the crime may have the answers to. What they’ve found is that many of those people who may have been too scared to come forward in the heated days following the crime are now ready to come forward. 

Once their hypothesis is formed, Lance and Tim go straight to the scene of the mystery - turning over forgotten stones and taking advantage of the local food scene in between clues. Tim and Lance have built their esteemed reputation by maintaining unique humor and lightness balanced with deep respect and empathy for the families involved. There’s no mystery they won’t undertake in this new-age series that blends a little light with all things dark.

Tim Pilleri

From the Boston suburb of Medford, MA, Tim’s father got him involved in Medford’s public access station at the age of 9, where he was soon directing live shows. After success on stage in college and in Boston, Tim embarked to Los Angeles in 2004 and has worked in the entertainment industry ever since. Tim currently hosts three popular true crime podcasts called CrawlspaceMissing Maura Murray, and Empty Frames with their friend of fifteen years Lance Reenstierna. Missing Maura Murray was the inspiration for Oxygen Network’s The Disappearance of Maura Murray TV show, which was a cable hit.

Lance Reenstierna

Lance began his career in the entertainment and media industry by producing original stage shows and murder mystery dinner theater experiences. A troupe was formed, and over the course of ten years and a dozen shows, performances brought the houses down. It was midway through this time that Tim Pilleri joined the group. From there, the partnership was formed and the two of them have gone on to produce short and feature films, documentaries, and live shows. Most recently found their true niche in true crime podcasting.


Unsolved mysteries hinge on new evidence, which is hard to come by when cases go stale. Thanks to the rise of investigative podcasts, however, the general public is becoming an invaluable resource as they become invested in a case. With newfound interest and the determination of thousands to find an answer, puzzle pieces begin popping up through eager listeners. Online leads and previously silent witnesses come out of the woodwork in the name of fascination that they, too, can be part of a social movement resulting in astounding conclusions. Tim and Lance capitalize on this collective power by encouraging direct interaction from fans, scouring comments, messages, and voicemails to find the missing key.


  1. Identify the Case: From murder to urban legend, Lance and Tim will expose everything currently known about this particular mystery.
  2. Open up the Web: With the case cracked back open, new leads emerge via social engagement. The team begins to cull and identify new information and witness testimony with the help of the web, piecing together the scene of the crime brick by brick.
  3. Speak to Key Witnesses: Witnesses, family members, the PI on the case - anyone whose testimony could help advance the case is brought into the Crawlspace studio and listened, closely.
  4. Develop the Theory: Armed with information, new and old, Tim and Lance form their hypothesis, what they think truly happened on the day things went awry.
  5. Test It: Going boots on the ground, Tim and Lance retrace the key events of the crime step by step to affirm or debunk their best hypothesis. The results are revealed.