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You can’t choose your family, but they can choose you. Joining a Greek sisterhood is an integral part of a southern college experience, and getting a bid takes even more effort than passing O-Chem. Rush coach Kimberly Neyland gives her clients the ultimate sorority prep, stopping at nothing to ensure that her girls are the most wanted PNMs on campus. 


When the next four years of your social sphere are riding on a single week of bid parties and interviews, you better be prepared. Headshots, resumes, recommendations, and shades of "spray tan" can make or break your chances of landing the top sorority, so calling on an expert to polish your personal brand is not an option-- it’s a necessity. From drastically upgrading physical appearance to squashing any signs of social awkwardness, Kimberly Neyland gives her clients the edge they need to go Greek.


In an arched series, fifteen lucky freshmen are hand-selected by Kimberly to partake in the ultimate Greek Bootcamp, living together in a faux-sorority house and learning the ins and outs of rush week. Photoshoots, mock interviews, and- of course- internal competition helps get her clients in the right frame of mind for the cutthroat journey ahead of them.


In each one-hour stand-alone episode, three separate clients put their social lives in Kimberly’s hands as she prepares them for sisterhood. Legacies with pushy mothers, mousy wallflowers trying to revamp their image, and downright unlikable Miss Prisses all find their way onto the roster, each posing a new challenge to Kimberly as she makes them bid-worthy.