‘Til Deck Do Us Part

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Sean Collinsgru is the CEO of Premier Outdoor Living, a unique landscape design company that works with young couples to create stunning backyards that double as the venue for an intimate wedding at home. Rather than investing in a traditional wedding venue that will only last a couple of hours, Sean helps young couples invest in their home instead. Together they’ll build the foundation for a lasting asset and backdrop for their gorgeous wedding day-  all while increasing the value and equity of their home. It’s the very first wedding gift that they’ll give to themselves.


Today, a typical wedding venue can run up a hefty tab, leaving new couples en route to their honeymoon swimming in debt - the wrong kind of pool. Only days into their marriage, they’ve spent thousands on a venue with only the pictures to show for it. As more and more millennials prepare to say ‘I Do’ - a growing trend is blossoming as many swaps out traditional altars for grass aisles and ditch the 300-person guest list in favor of an intimate celebration at home with
family and friends.

Landscape designer and wedding officiant Sean Collinsgru is capitalizing on this emerging trend- offering young couples an alternative option that marries the magnificence of a traditional wedding with the intimacy of a backyard ceremony. He and his team create stunning backyard designs that serve as the perfect backdrop for nuptials - and create a custom environment that lasts for years instead of hours. When it’s all said and done, the couple will have added equity to their home and set their marriage off on the right foot.


In each episode, Sean Collinsgru sits down with an engaged couple and potential client to discuss not just their vision for landscape design, but more importantly - their vision for a wedding at home. Rustic Italian elegance, sleek modern luxury, French-inspired patio - anything is possible to create a custom-tailored vision to bring their dream to life.

The real challenge for Sean’s team then begins - crafting a one-of-a-kind solution that not only fits the couple’s dream for a backyard, but can accommodate the vision, style, and size of their wedding. It’s not just a picky client anymore, but a picky bride or groom - with elevated stress levels and a heightened sense of urgency counting down to the big day.

With zero flexibility on the final delivery, (it’s a wedding, after all) Sean must navigate weather and other unforeseen curveballs to manifest his clients’ dream. In the final week before the wedding, he kicks them out of the house as the finishing touches are secured and key ceremony features are installed. As wedding bells ring, the couple arrives at a magnificent reveal - their new backyard AND stunning venue, sealing it all with an ‘I Do’ officiated by none other than Sean himself.