Sweet Georgia Home

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"Sweet Georgia Home" is a heartwarming and captivating reality show that takes viewers on an inspiring journey of transformation, family, and Southern charm. This delightful series introduces us to a remarkable trio: Anisa Darnell, the talented designer with an eye for elegance and authenticity; David Harper, the skilled builder who brings Anisa's visions to life with precision and creativity; and Anisa's husband, Casey, the versatile jack-of-all-trades who keeps the projects on track. Together, they take neglected old houses and breathe new life into them often using reclaimed wood in some of the projects.
The show not only showcases the family's unwavering commitment to preserving the history and character of these aging homes but also provides a glimpse into their daily lives as they juggle their passions with the demands of parenthood. Their children become an integral part of the restoration process, learning valuable skills and life lessons along the way.
"Sweet Georgia Home" is a celebration of the South's rich architectural heritage, where each episode unveils a heartwarming story of revival, resilience, and the power of family. Viewers will be enchanted by the way this endearing family turns decrepit structures into Southern masterpieces, all while rekindling the spirit of the past and creating beautiful, cherished homes for generations to come. It's a show that not only captures the essence of Southern living but also showcases the power of love, dedication, and the enduring beauty of the Old South.