Virginia Beach resident and Navy wife, Julia Hetzel, works alongside military spouses to surprise their deployed loved ones with a gorgeous, transformed interior upon their return. Personalizing their space in a way that can transfer anywhere for the transient life of servicemen, Julia helps our nation’s heroes feel truly home again.


Moving to a new city every few years is one of the many sacrifices military families make in the name of serving their country. It’s no easy task to make a new house feel like home, so many families never feel like they truly have a home base. Navy wife and interior designer Julia Hetzel understands the struggle first-hand, so she’s made it her mission to give these deserving families a gorgeous interior that can be easily transferred to their next station, all as a special surprise for the serviceman as he or she returns from deployment.


Each hour long episode highlights the admirable sacrifice of a military spouse who wants to give their loved one a comfortable place to call home after spending months away in the name of service. With the help of her mom and sister, Julia works with the military spouse to find unique decor, pinpoint durable furniture, and even change floor plans to not only garner a huge reaction during the surprise reveal, but give the family a sense of home no matter where life takes them.