More than ever before, the market is on the rise for designers, home renovators, and craftsmen looking to buy a slice of history for their clients. Building their business on the backbone of tangible American History, Governor’s Antiques & Architectural Materials is one of the largest complexes in the United States- with 7 acres and 50,000 square feet under one roof. With skilled craftsmen who can renew, transform, and recreate - Jeff Thomas and his team are proving the value of salvage in a modern world by manipulating materials and giving clients a true, one-of-a-kind slice of history.


In Richmond, Virginia - history is a hot commodity. As one of America’s oldest cities, this vibrant southern town is abundant with one-of-a-kind historical architecture. But renovating homes this old is hard, complicated work - and often times historical estates can’t be saved. For Jeff Thomas, as bygone Richmond homes are replaced with modern builds, he’s always been more interested in what’s inside the walls.

Jeff Thomas is the second-generation owner of Governor’s Antiques, a massive seven-acre complex lined with over five million historical items stacked in towering rows both inside and out. His father began collecting salvage during World War II - and 70 years later the Thomas family boasts an unparalleled collection of antiques, salvage and architectural building blocks you can’t find anywhere else.

Anyone can collect salvage - but for Jeff it’s all about what his highly-skilled team can do to manipulate it - that sets them apart. Equipped with a wood shop, metal yard, and even glass bending - the team can refurbish any historical piece back to its full former glory- or blend new & old materials to invent something even better. Jeff has created a market in selling what designers, home renovators, and craftsmen are looking for- a slice of history to give to their clients. Jeff’s motto is that if you can’t save the house, save the craftsmanship - and if they don’t have it, they’ll create it for you.


There is no shortage of activity when you operate a facility the size of five football fields. From buying new items and negotiating with customers, ripping the bones of forgotten pieces out of local homes and restoring it to spec, or collaborating with customers to bring custom invention to life - Jeff prefers to live amongst a lot of ‘stuff’ and in state of buzzing chaos. Customers and clients who want a piece of history from one of America’s oldest towns come to the place who can do it right. At Governor’s Antiques - Items will transform from forgotten parts to historical treasures. With stunning visuals, the historical credibility to back it up ultimately making their way into modern designs in homes around the country.