Apa. A name in the mouths of the world’s most exclusive circles, he rubs elbows with royalty, A-listers, and the world’s most influential pockets. From New York to Dubai, open wide – because Dr. Apa and his titillating staff are raising the bar in cosmetic dentistry.


No one charters a private jet from Dubai to New York as a biweekly favor from the President of Emirates... unless your name is Dr. Michael Apa. He is the secret weapon for rich, famous, and distinguished faces around the world-- always on call for overnight trips to mid-east palaces or quick jaunts to private estates. Not to mention offering back door access to his two luxury offices straddling the Pond. 

With his remarkable craftsmanship, Apa can turn any smile into a sexy trademark through a brand new experience in cosmetic dentistry. High profile weddings, cover shoots, and red carpets require show-stopping transformation in just a matter of days. With deadlines looming, it’s not all squeaky clean behind the scenes as his alluring – and outspoken – staff of doctors and aides work around the clock to cater to their elite clientele. 


A one-hour weekly occusoap dives into the daily chaos of Dr. Apa and his team managing clients – and coworkers – in a backdrop made to look as seamless as possible. But we all know that behind the crisp white walls and gold-rod chairs is a tangled web of vivacious, hungry, and stupid-hot colleagues all clambering up the ladder, and getting a little too personal along the way.