"How's Business?"

Since Fall 2008, the answers have ranged from “Hangin in there” to “I’m SCARED”. Many of us have seen friends lose their jobs and businesses close. It was literally the first time that most could remember anything but prosperity.

The dust seems to have finally settled and if you listen closely you can actually hear a trace of optimism in people’s voices. Projects are being approved and jobs are popping up all over our industry. I say stop and look around. Our Industry has changed. Business has changed. Our Country has changed. Look FOR and AT the new models and let go of the past. What’s going to become of Network TV? Terrestrial Radio? Will ALL Content be delivered through the Internet? Through 4G? What else will our phones do? Where will the work come from? I’ve heard that Forest Fires are good for the Forest as New Life springs from the ashes.

The last 18 months was ours. Time to look for the “New Life”. I’ll keep you posted.