How Good is YOUR Website?

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Today we all know how important a Website is to any Company, Group, or Organization. It is the FOREMOST way in which people (customers?) locate you, evaluate you and many times CONTACT you. There are 3,581,829 websites that have been ranked so far. How does your site rank?

Here at Studio Center Digital we have evaluated hundreds of sites and some were quite good. However, the vast majority has significant issues. A website may LOOK good but be invisible to the search engines that give your site an organic traffic boost. In talking to customers, we have found that most businesses just don’t have the time or resources to consistently maintain and optimize their websites. We do

The following is a list of 10 VERY important issues that need to be absolutely “on point” for your website to do ALL that you need it to do:

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  1. Do you Blog? You should consider it.
  2. gears iconMetadata: Are you utilizing Metadata tags? These allow you to tell the search engines what your web pages are about.
  3. favorite iconReadability: Who is your audience? Does your copy “speak” to them?
  4. check markIs your domain registered for at least another year? Optimizing your site requires stability and you really wouldn’t want to lose it would you
  5. links iconLinks: Do you have enough sites linking to yours?
  6. twitter iconTwitter: Yep, “tweeting”. If you can, do it. You're rewarded for it and there are many strategies out there customized for your business.
  7. RSS feed iconIs your RSS Feed Detectable? RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication and is commonly used to deliver content to your site visitors after they have left.
  8. pencil iconDo you have a Conversion Form or Forms on your site? Without them you cannot convert site traffic into customers!
  9. Indexed Pages: Web Crawlers visit your site periodically and look for new content to index. Are you creating new relevant content frequently enough? MORE pages are better! visitors
  10. couple imageTraffic: Do you have enough visitors to your site?

Look, no Website is perfect. We’ve tried and have never scored above a 99 BUT a 99 is pretty good. We’re in the top ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT. If you want a better website or even a NEW one, shoot me an email back to [email protected] and I’ll have one of our experienced and talented New Media Staffers give your Website a FREE EVALUATION. You may be in great shape and we’ll tell you if you are. If there is work to do, we’ll be glad to handle it for you complete with our LEGENDARY SERVICE.

When you are researching a place, person, or thing, you “Google” it. WHAT you find goes a very long way in determining WHO and WHAT you buy. Throw away your Yellow Pages, start working on your Website today!

William Prettyman