Creating a Great Audio Mix

What’s better than hearing a Great Audio Mix JUMP right out at you? Ok, maybe hot chocolate chip cookies, puppies, the David Hasselhoff Cheeseburger Video, and a Foot Massage. Not much else! Here at Studio Center Total Production, all of our 25 Audio Mixers/Producers strive for perfection on ALL of their mixes. Sometimes we ALMOST achieve it!

Senior Audio Producer Peter Pope comes closest most often so I pulled him out of his studio for a few minutes to offer us a little insight into how he creates so many wonderful mixes.

Peter Pope in his studio

Me: Hey Peter. Thanks for popping in.

Peter: You’re bugging me. I’m mixing.

Me: Sorry. I’m doing a Blog on “Creating a GREAT Audio Mix” and I have to admit that you are the best in the business so I came to you.

Peter: Thanks.

Me: You’ve got over 25 years in the business and have won hundreds of awards for clients so WHAT are your keys to creating a great mix?

Peter: Well first, great Voice Talent. Next, Keep an Open Mind.

Me: Can you explain?

Peter: I guess I mean “Keep a Clear Vision of Your Desired End Result.”

Me: Got it. What else?

Peter: Great Sound Design. Also, look beyond the obvious. Creative Thinking! Put Sound Effects together that aren’t obviously compatible. Utilize Foley too. If you can’t find what you need, create it! Don’t compromise your mix by settling.

Me: Got it. Anything else?

Peter: Yes, picking out the perfect piece of music to use as the backdrop for the entire mix. Finally, and most importantly, BE SUBTLE. Less is often more. Simplicity often wins out. You need to know when to stop mixing!

Me: One last question. Do you color your hair?

Peter: No comment.

William Prettyman