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“You Look Like Your Dog Died”


My neighbor approached me last night with that lovely greeting.  I told him that in fact, my dog HAD died.  Our beloved 14 Year Lab Sophie had passed away in our arms just the day before.  Sophie was by far the best dog that we’ve ever had and we’ve been blessed with some wonderful dogs.  She practically raised our two youngest kids with an incredible combination of patience, affection and fun loving energy!  She was ridden, had soccer balls bounced off of her head repeatedly and shot MANY times with NERF Guns but she never stopped wagging her tail or handing out kisses.  Sophie was perfect.  There, I said it.  She was also Studio Center’s very first dog.  If you’ve ever been to a Studio Center or follow us on Social Media, then you know that we are Dog and Kid Friendly.  When I first brought her in back in 2004, the staff, talent and clients looked at me like I was nuts.  Sophie won them all over and was soon making her rounds collecting treats from all of her new friends.  Her arrival and subsequent visits set the stage for our “Dog Policy” and all of the incredible pets that we have met during the last 14 years.  If you’ve ever worked with us here at Studio Center or FOR us in some capacity, then you are family.  Since we’re all family, I thought you should know about Sophie.   

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