“We Already Have a Website!”

Wonderful. Welcome to 2002. The REAL Question is: “Do you have an Online Strategy?” Having a GOOD Website is just the First Step, albeit an important one. Your Online Strategy will always relate back to your site so it needs to be well designed and well developed. Currently, $14 BILLION DOLLARS (I feel a little like “Dr. Evil” typing that!), or 13% of ALL Advertising Dollars are spent Online. This is DOUBLE that of Radio and growing over 20% a year! I think that most businesses WANT an Effective Online Strategy but don’t know where or how to start and are intimidated by all of the Buzz Words and Jargon flying around concerning Social Media, Viral Videos, SEO, SEM, etc. It really isn’t so complicated. The basics of Marketing and Advertising haven’t changed in MANY years. Find your customers and effectively communicate to them. It’s the “Where” and “How” that is rapidly evolving. Americans can be reluctant to change. Heck, my Mother refuses to own a cell phone OR even purchase call waiting!! After several busy signals, I usually give up trying to call her only to be told later that “call waiting is SO RUDE!” IT’S RUDE TO ME THAT YOU DON’T HAVE IT MOTHER! (Ah, that felt good.)

Here at Studio Center, our New Media Team simplifies things for you. We offer you a Free Evaluation of your Website, SEO, SEM, and all things New Media (and possibly confusing!). We’ll only present concepts and campaigns that apply to your business and that will get you results. Twitter isn’t for everyone! Here’s the best part: We can do everything IN HOUSE from the design of your site through writing, shooting, and voicing your Web Videos. We can help you with E-Commerce, Adwords, Remarketing Strategies and Link Building. One Call. One Company. Tap into all that Studio Center’s Award Winning Staff has to offer and call us today for your Free Evaluation or click here and check out all of our work. It’s time for you to have an Online Strategy. Your Competition does.

William Prettyman

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