“Hey, I Know That Guy Stuffed in the Laundry Chute!”

Recently, I was mindlessly flipping channels and zoning out when a movie grabbed my attention. “Hey, I Know That Guy in the Laundry Chute”, I blurted out to my wife. The young man had been brutally murdered and stuffed into a laundry chute. I hit the guide. “Sorority Row” was the name of the Slasher Film and this young actor looked VERY familiar. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s Daughter, Rumor Willis was also in it. “You’re crazy,” my wife responded. I scooped up my iPad, went to the Studio Center Website and hit the “On Camera” tab and began searching the men. BOOM!!! There was my man! Max Hennard, one of our top young On Camera Talent staring back at me. He was the guy stuffed in the laundry chute!

A couple of weeks later it’s my wife’s pick for the movie and she selects “Love and Other Drugs” starring Jake Gyllenhaal (Gee, I wonder why she picked it!), Oliver Platt, and Anne Hathaway. Gyllenhaal plays a Pharmaceutical Salesperson who falls in love with a Parkinson’s Patient. In one scene, Gyllenhaal aggressively approaches a Doctor getting out of his car and the Doctor brushes him off. “Was that Kwame?” I say. “What?” she mumbles through handfuls of Kettle Corn (How good is that? Salt and Sweet!). “I think that was Kwame Rakes playing the Doctor.” Yep, I verify it through our database that it was Studio Center Talent Kwame Rakes. Two in a row!

The two incidents really got me thinking about how far Studio Center’s On Camera Division has come in only a few short years! Our “On Camera Talent” has worked with some of Hollywood’s Biggest Directors like Steven Spielberg, M. Night Shyamalan, Terrance Malick, and J.J. Abrams and its Biggest Stars. Denzel Washington, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Steve Carrell, and Colin Ferrell have all worked with our talent! It’s incredible! Every day we cast our people in Television, Movies, and of course, Commercials. Thousands of projects a year! Check out our “On Camera Talent” here or call us for Unlimited FREE Auditions. Then sit back, grab a bag of Kettle Corn and watch them.

William Prettyman

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