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Land of a 1000 Voices

Looking to add a voice to your vision? That’s how we made our name - giving voice to hundreds of thousands of radio spots, jingles, commercials, promos, TV shows – you name it. From airport announcements to GPS directions to ads for McDonald’s Happy Meals - Studio Center has provided those voices and thousands of others. Heck, you might have even heard one of our talented voiceover artists in your dreams, pitching a Starbucks’ caramel macchiato. We’re everywhere because we just about own the Voice Over business – been doing it for more than 50 years. 

So, what’s all that mean when you want to hire voiceover talent? Well for starters it means confidence that this isn’t our first rodeo – we’ll take good care of you, from first contact to final adios. 

It also means lots of choices

Need a surly biker type or perhaps a lilting prima donna… or maybe a surly prima donna and a lilting biker? Our incredible catalog of versatile voiceover artists represents decades of the best in this business. 

How do you feel about peace of mind? Could you use some on your next project? We are one of just a few shops in the country that offer a complete turnkey experience for voiceover projects. Tell us about your project, show us your script, and leave the driving to us. Or, come along for the ride and watch the magic. From concept to audition to recording to finished package (and all the details in between) Studio Center is your go-to shop. Full stop. 

So How Do I Hire a Voiceover Actor? - Here’s Our Process

Maybe you know exactly what type of voice you want for your project. Maybe not. We can help with lots of styles and options. Just contact us 24/7, send us your script and we’ll get to it. Within 2 hours you’ll have an audio file – your script/our voices - an audition slate of talent delivered to you for free.

Unsure about the legal stuff? Remember, Studio Center is always one-stop shopping – we’ll help you with contracts, releases, union business, etc. 

Then it’s on to the fun stuff – the recording session. We’ll do it all and send you a smooth finished package. Or, do you want to listen in on the session and give your input? Again, it’s your choice. We are all about choice.

Speaking of which, do you want to edit the finished project, or would you like us to do it? We work with about 15,000 clients every year – podcasts, videos, films, even voices for talking dolls - so we bring lots and lots of expertise to the job. It’s your call. 

We Do All the Not Fun Stuff

We will handle the entire payment process for you – talent, agents, engineers, the guy who brings the doughnuts, etc. 

And unlike those new-fangled voiceover websites, we’re here for you 24/7. Any problems with your deadlines, budgets… or bad dreams, our soothing voices at the other end of the line are ready to make your project move along without a hitch. 

So, when you’re ready to hire your next voiceover artist, Studio Center is ready to bring one of our many voices to your vision and make it sing… just like that surly prima donna. 

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