For Great Customer Service Go LOW TECH!

It’s safe to say that most of you reading this are horribly addicted to your array of devices and Apps! Can we actually live without our phones for even ONE WEEK? ONE DAY? I wouldn’t bet on it! However, as much as we are all married to our devices, many of the VERY best ways to “wow” your customers and win business are Low Tech! Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Handwritten Thank You Notes: This is BY FAR my favorite for so many reasons. First of all, they ALWAYS get opened! How many of us go through our mail shuffling bills, typed envelopes and direct mail pieces while searching for any handwritten or personal item? We LOVE handwritten envelopes because they usually contain invitations to cool events or thank you notes! FUN STUFF! Secondly, they are an incredible marketing piece! Your logo is on the envelope and hopefully on your business card! That’s two impressions right there for 49 cents! No other Direct Mail Piece can deliver two impressions for 49 cents with a 100% Open Rate! Lastly, Handwritten Thank You Notes create Goodwill with customers. How much is Client Goodwill worth to you? At least 49 cents I’m sure!

2. SWAG: If done correctly, SWAG creates opportunities, forges relationships and closes business! The best SWAG is personal. Get to know your clients and then consistently deliver fun and thoughtful gifts! I LOVE giving College Gear (some people LOVE their Alma Maters hard!) like hats, shirts, tumblers and hoodies. Also, Alcohol REALLY works well. A favorite bottle of Bourbon or Wine has made me a few good friends! If you really dive deep, anything Kid or Pet Related KILLS! Try sending a coffee mug with a kid’s or pet’s face on it!

3. CELEBRATE THEIR BIRTHDAY! First of all you should always know your clients or prospects Birthdays. With Social Media now it’s too easy. Once you have the date, gather a group of co-workers and SING to them! It’s gold! At Studio Center, we actually grab a musician and add a little guitar! Another terrific Birthday Idea is to have your staff pass around AND sign a huge Birthday Card and then mail it to them before the big day!

4. SUPPORT THEIR BRAND/BUSINESS: “Do Business With People Who Do Business With You” is a wonderful business tenet to live by! If your clients owns restaurants, eat there. If they sell cars, buy them there! If they sell insurance, use them! You get the message. Show your face, spend money with them and immerse yourself in their brand! They’ll love you for it!

5. REFER BUSINESS TO YOUR CUSTOMER: Almost as good as supporting them yourself is actively referring prospects to your customers. Make sure that YOU make ALL introductions and execute the “hand off”! Get YOUR credit! If you consistently connect your customers to business, you will cement long and loyal relationships!

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