Video Production

logo for SC film and videoPRE-PRODUCTION is officially over!
Your scripts have finally been vetted and approved. We’ve locked in your studio spaces or locations, auditioned your On-Camera Talent and pried them away from the Craft Services table to dress ‘em in wardrobe, slap some mic’s on, and powder ‘em up.  We’ve gathered props and dressed your sets, struck the lights, and swung the boom into place. …Now let’s ROLL SOUND and CAMERA! It’s “magic hour,” and we’re burning daylight, people!

Whether you’re looking to produce a corporate/industrial video, training film, a heavily art-directed conceptual spot or campaign for local, regional or national broadcast, an EPK, a Sizzle Reel, or simply something to spruce up and drive traffic on your website… you’ve come to the right place.

Studio Center’s professional video services span the globe, with great Talent and Production crew anywhere and everywhere. Big or small budget, we’ll always find the right personnel and cinematic tactics to bring your Creative to life.

As they say, “if the crew fits, shoot it!” 

Wait, who says that?


So let’s block your Talent, choreograph some dolly and jib moves, Dutch some angles*, break out a Steadicam rig, and toss in some dapple for good measure. And if you don’t already know it, we may even teach you some awesome video production lingo, like “C47,” “cookie,” or “dot-and-finger kit.” Pretty cool, huh?

Contact Studio Center today for your free video production Estimate!  

*Upon request, we can also Swedish some angles. 

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