SC film and video production logo imageWe know what you’re thinking… PRE-PRODUCTION?  So, does that mean a bunch of boring meetings, conference calls, Gantt charts, and planning sessions?  For days or even weeks on end?  Donuts?  LOTS of donuts? 

Boring.  Fattening.  Maybe both.

Well, when you BOOK your Audio or Video Project today with Studio Center, we promise you an active and engaging preparation period with the nation’s finest production personnel to ensure that your VISION will be executed to the highest standards, and to meet your schedule for delivery. 

And yes, we might sneak in a meeting or two.  They do serve their purposes, after all. 

Creative direction will be established from your insights, and a production plan will be developed to meet your needs – audio, video, film, on-camera talent, voice talent, or digital...  Day or night!  Or some combination of day and night at the same time!… it’s a great idea!  We’ll just plan to fix it in POST. 

Now that’s some awesome PRE-PRO! 

Your Studio Center Production Team will be assembled with care, possibly from various far corners of the globe!  Maybe some of them have grown thick beards while documenting the winter burrowing habits of the Arctic Lemming!  In HD!  If you need that kind of crew, we’ve got ‘em.  We just recommend a shave first.  Or perhaps a very talented  Studio Center crew instead. It’s your call. Really! Studio Center has a terrifically gifted full time DP, 6 talented shooters, and experienced Producers on staff. We own all of our equipment and can be on location in hours! We are also affiliated with various Crew Companies around the country enabling us to be on something NOW!

During PRE-PRODUCTION you can directly collaborate with Writers, Casting directors, Storyboard Artists, Video Producers, Sound Designers, Audio Engineers, Location Scouts, Talent, Directors – all focused on preparing your project for the really fun stuff… execution.  Or as we like to call it, PRODUCTION.  You probably call it that, too. 

Call it what you like, none of that is boring at all! 

Let’s go!

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