Client Testimonials

Some Honest Opinions About Studio Center:


General Comments

I love the quality of Studio Center's work with great scripting and so many voice choices, fast turnaround time, and excellent customer service. I love everything!
– Giancarlo B.
Simplicity and responsiveness. Attention to detail. Keep up the good work!
– Cris T.
Flexibility on budgets. So many studio locations.
– Gina T.
Helped me accommodate a difficult client.
– Nick E.
It's so easy and you all are very professional.
– Jim D.
Love the ease of communication and workflow.
– Katey W.
Working with your producers makes it a true collaboration. Studio Center does a great job of respecting the original vision of the creative, while identifying potential blind-spots. This gives us confidence that we'll end up with a truly outstanding result.
– Mick T.
Maria Rhodes is always super responsive and helpful and a joy to work with. Bob Schott is the best of the best. His communication with both the VO talent and our creative team during recording sessions is super focused. I always know my team is in great hands when we work with Bob.
– Allison C.
Super responsive, always professional, and great talent.
– Erven F.
Mercedes is ALWAYS great to work with. She also worked with me on costs due to the speculative nature of the project. You guys are always my go-to.
– Brian B.

Video Dept. Comments

Audio Dept. Comments

Love the prompt service, setting up recording sessions quickly, and the professionalism of the talent and engineer.
– Stan M.
Love the friendly interaction with Maria and the great interactions and timely responses from all engineers!
– Carrie P.
I love that you guys are so responsive and that you very much work with me as a team. I am freelance and have a wide range of clients with different needs. You guys always help me find creative solutions that work within the client's budget. I also love working with Mercedes - she's the best.
– Eric S.
Great response from Zac. Great service from Shippley.
– David S.
Got the VO I wanted & needed on my schedule.
– Nick E.
Studio Center makes it so easy for us to find high-quality talent! Great as usual.
– Cassie S.
I can always get our talent in fast, sometimes even same day.
– Brian H.
Love the facility, our engineer, and the snacks!
– Bruce M.