Client Testimonials

Some Honest Opinions About Studio Center:


General Comments

Always available to help!
– Stephanie S.
What did you love about working with us?:
Customer service — always excellent service!
– Harvey A.
Budget flexibility and all-around great people.
– Gina T.
What did you love about working with us?:
Great collaborations with the people. Always helpful and responsive. Quality result. Affordable for our clients.
What could we do better next time?:
Peter Pope should be better lit. Softbox ... key light ... you know, some atmosphere.
– Chris T.
Consistent Quality
– Isaac W.
Flexibility in scheduling, and professionalism in communication. Everything about working with Studio Center is smooth for me!
– Ben P.
Your engineers/producers are fabulous.
– Patrick S.
Everything is always well organized, you make it easy and fun!
– Chris G.
Always quick to action and ready to help.
– Stephanie S.
Efficiency was A1, communication was top notch and quality was well worth every penny.
– Jessica S.

Video Dept. Comments

Audio Dept. Comments

Knocked out a read for me when I was off the phone.
– Nick E.
What did you love about working with us?:
My team of Maria Rhodes, Shippley, and Lynn B are amazing. I most love working with them.
What could we do better next time?:
How could you possibly do better than getting 100/100?
– Scott L.
On time, great talent, speed of turnaround, well-produced radio spot.
– Nicholas E.
I've worked with Sarah and her team for several months now and my clients are always excited about the creative that they come up with. Great team to work with. If you're not using Studio Center, your doing your clients a dis-service.
You Guys Rock!
– Traig K.
Graham knows Spanish, so we didn't need someone else on the line who spoke the language. Thanks, Graham!
– Brian H.
We recorded more than 20 30-second spots in just two days. I was not looking forward to that much production over those two days, but the producer/engineer Peter and the talent we hired made the two days a pleasure and lots of fun. Even with a few last-minute changes on our end and with talent availability, we were able to get the job done. Everything was great!
– Trevor B.
Maria is always on top of things when it comes to booking a session, love working with her! Bob was great (as usual) during our last session and came prepared with the last version of the video pulled up so we could ensure Katie's new reads matched the tone/pace of the current video. VO sessions are always easy and efficient!
– Andrea A.
Love Mercedes, Shippley, and your talent!
– Rich R.