Client Testimonials

Some Honest Opinions About Studio Center:


General Comments

Quick and easy turnaround. Everything was great!
– Trevor B.
Efficiency and Professionalism
– Amy
Organized, professional, and friendly. The cookies weren't too bad either.
– Mike M.
The people are talented and collaborative. That's great chemistry!
– Chris T.
We love how quick they are to respond when we need Hot requests and how easy Studio Center is to work with!
– Sydney J.
You guys are efficient and always supply options that meet our needs.
– Pam M.
Accommodated a very tight deadline on short notice.
– Nicholas E.
Budget-friendly + cost flexibility. Super kind staff.
– Gina T.
Samantha Rocks! Everything is always on point.
– David G.
Turnaround times are incredible. Sometimes I can get in there on the same day! All good!
– Brian H.

Video Dept. Comments

I love how Studio Center makes my life easier.
– Paul T.
Courtesy and professional employees. Everything was great!
– Harvey A.
Staff is the best! Very friendly and highly skilled. Consistently great.
– Joe A.
Great people, great technology, great customer experience!
– Bill M.
Very strong follow up. It made me feel important.
– James B.
Have always loved SC, awesome work and great people!
– Diane L.

Audio Dept. Comments

Great response from Zac. Great service from Shippley.
– David S.
You guys go above and beyond and are always cheerful to work with - even if that means producing 21 spots in two days. Everything was great - including the talent!
– Trevor B.
We recorded more than 20 30-second spots in just two days. I was not looking forward to that much production over those two days, but the producer/engineer Peter and the talent we hired made the two days a pleasure and lots of fun. Even with a few last-minute changes on our end and with talent availability, we were able to get the job done. Everything was great!
– Trevor B.
I love that you guys are so responsive and that you very much work with me as a team. I am freelance and have a wide range of clients with different needs. You guys always help me find creative solutions that work within the client's budget. I also love working with Mercedes - she's the best.
– Eric S.
Love the facility, our engineer, and the snacks!
– Bruce M.
I can always get our talent in fast, sometimes even same day.
– Brian H.
Love the prompt service, setting up recording sessions quickly, and the professionalism of the talent and engineer.
– Stan M.
Love the friendly interaction with Maria and the great interactions and timely responses from all engineers!
– Carrie P.