Client Testimonials

Some Honest Opinions About Studio Center:


General Comments

Stone cold professionalism. Talent always takes direction well, engineers are engaged - sessions always go so smoothly.
– Matt D.
Let me echo Eric’s thanks for doing such a great job. It’s thrilling to have our leaders in the organization feel so positively about the work. Well done!
– Scott B.
I really love getting an estimate within the hour of my request and scheduling ASAP!
– Taylor P.
One-stop shopping for the perfect voice and all audio production services. Keep on being responsive.
– Steve M.
The Studio Center team was succinct and concise with communication and schedule. Seamless and just so easy! I'd say you did everything right!
– Kim P.
The flexibility and ease of scheduling. Also the professionalism of the voice talent (Jon B is always great!).
– Pierce H.
Just a little insider info; last night around our impromptu in office happy hour Studio Center was receiving a ton of praise from creative and account folks alike for being responsive, flexible and very easy to work with! A few of us have been engaging with multiple employees there across different engagements and we are all impressed by the consistency in service we’ve experienced.
– Rachal K.
Always there in an emergency.. feels like there's always an emergency.
– Alexander L.
Shippley made the whole project flow smoothly and Bart was a complete pro! I love working with Studio Center.
– Bryan E.
I loved the entire experience actually -- the talent is great, the process is very efficient and my contact is very helpful and responsive.
– Ed S.

Video Dept. Comments

Audio Dept. Comments

You have full service from Casting to audio people.
– Charlotte K.
Enjoyable people. So easy to work with. And always a quick turnaround. Honestly, your service is top-notch... I can't imagine asking you to do anything better!
– Michele M.
My engineer, Graham was very efficient and professional.
– Steve S.
Love the flexibility and versatility. Everything was quick and easy!
– Trevor B.
Maria is great and always helps get sessions scheduled quickly, and recommends talent when needed. Working with engineers and talent is always super easy and awesome! Engineers are quick, flexible, and professional. Ryan was so great to work with during our last session with Hannah.
– Andrea A.
Speed of service was amazing. I requested a voiceover and had it scheduled and completed the next day.
– Ken M.
Organized, quick turnaround for scheduling and production. Everything is working well!
– Elizabeth M.
Good team. From The Marketing/Casting team being so responsive, to the sound engineers that are always very helpful during the sessions, make it easy to work
with you all.
– Dan A.