Anjuli C.


Anjuli has a sweet down to earth approach with great style.

  • Daily Burn
    cocky, confident, girl-next-door, promo
  • Restless Sea
    biting, sincere, sweet, warm
  • Flip Stand
    girl-next-door, informative, millennial, narrative, real, retail, sincere, sweet, warm, younger
  • Clean Election
    biting, impression, motivational, political, sincere, sweet, warm
  • Wear What Works
    attitude, cocky, edgy, girl-next-door, sexy
  • Clothes
    anti-announcer, humorous, millennial, perky, sincere, sweet, warm
  • Waffler
    friendly, humorous, sincere, younger
  • Momentum
    anti-announcer, classy, imaging, informative, smooth, sophisticated
  • Socks
    anti-announcer, friendly, generation-x, girl-next-door, humorous, mother, perky, young adult
  • Anjuli C Political Demo
  • Anjuli C Showcase Demo

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