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Political Season means one thing: PRESSURE!! Pressure to make impossible deadlines. Pressure to create and deliver content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Pressure to provide results for your candidate and, of course, pressure to WIN! Here at Studio Center, we've been producing Political Advertising and delivering results under pressure for 50 years! With 30 rooms, an exclusive in-house roster of award-winning talent, and 10 full-time casting directors, we are ALWAYS available for you. We were BUILT for PRESSURE! Check out our work below and let's get busy!

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Our 2022 Political Reels

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Alfonso G.

Alfonso G. (Spanish)

Anjuli C.

Bart T.

Bobby O.

Brent K.

Brian A.

Brian H.

Charvis A.

Cindy N.

Dan Wr.

Dave D.

David W.

Diana S. (Spanish)

Dru D.

Deborah M.

Dude W.

Eric W.

Gerry G.

Gigi Y.

Gisela G.

Greg B.

Hannah Z.

Heather M.

Jan C.

Jay G.

Jay La.

Jay W.

Jeanette O.

John Dr.

Jon B.

Julianne K.

Karen P.

Katie K.

Kwame R.

Laurie N.

Lynn B.

Mark A.

Michael L.

Michael W.

Mike Sh.

Paul K.

Mike S.

Ralph G.

Rob C.

Rodney W.

Ron C.

Rosemarie U.

Shirley D.

Soraya B.

Taylor A.

Theresa B.

Tim Po.

Vita C.

Wynn E.

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Call us at any time!

Toll Free: (866) 515-2111

24hr Mobile: (757) 286-3080

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Find The Voice You Need TO WIN!

We work at the speed of politics. As you know, Political Campaigns can change direction in a heartbeat. Your spots need to change just as fast. Studio Center is ready to act when you need us, Nights, Weekends or at TWO in the morning the day before the election! Our production team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Call us at any time!

Toll Free: (866) 515-2111

24hr Mobile: (757) 286-3080

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We’ve been producing Winning Political Productions for over 50 Years and WE GET IT! Studio Center has produced for Politicians in every state and for every office! We produced spots for Post-Caucus Presidential Candidates, Current Senators and Representatives, Former Secretaries of State and Attorneys General along with Mayors and City Council Members! Here’s why they love us:

  • We're ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CANDIDATE! ALWAYS! 24-7-365 with NO extra charges!
  • We've got 34 FULL TIME Audio and Video Suites ready to go! No waiting, shopping or trying to line up Freelancers.
  • We're in 5 Locations, in 4 Cities, so we're close to our Talent and your Candidate!
  • Our Rates are the same in EVERY Market and unchanged since 2008!
  • YOU pick your TEAM! Simply pick your Casting Director, Engineer, Editor, Producer, Talent, etc. and they'll be with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY RIGHT UP UNTIL ELECTION DAY! No breaking in new people or searching for files. WE'LL BE READY WHEN YOU ARE!

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Call us at any time!

Toll Free: (866) 515-2111

24hr Mobile: (757) 286-3080

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Complete Campaign Packages

Be sure your campaign has all the essential elements for victory. We can create video, audio, website, social media, print materials and even the all important yard signs and campaign banners.

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