This is the section of the website where self-modesty goes out the window. Because we've got voice talent. Scads of it. And we've organized it every which way from Sunday, so it's easy to search for the voice you're looking for.

You want an announcer? We've got it. You want an anti-announcer? We've got that, too. Mature? Got it. Gen X? Got it.Sexy? Got it. Animated Characters? Tons of them! 13th century Mongolian warlords? Okay, that might take some work, but we've probably got that, too.

Studio Center has more than 1000 uniquely talented voice actors with a variety of talents. Most of our voice actors are Non-Union, and EXCLUSIVE, so they're not only affordable but hirable without a lot of bureaucratic hoops to jump through. 

So check out a few of our voices right here and then explore all the other sections listed on this page. Whatever your spot, we've got the voice talent.


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