Tuesday Talent Tip: Think About Your Client's Audience

Lilly B, one of Studio Center’s Female Voiceover Talents gives you today’s Tuesday Talent Tip

Think about your client’s audience. I mean, think about them. Who are we talking to here? Think for a
minute. Your client is trying to reach a targeted audience, they may just choose you to do it. So just do
it. Get a picture of them, you know, the audience. Get a picture of the audience in your minds eye. For
example, I had an audition for Hometown Deli. The deli was described as cozy, affordable, and
convenient. Target audience; mom, dad, and the kids. So lets picture mom for a minute. Perhaps she has
had a hard day. She has kids, they will surely be hungry, she wants to feed them. Ahh... Hometown Deli!
She remembers its cozy, affordable, and convenient. Go ahead, pull that mom into your script. Use the
words, your inflexions, your general promptings to get her to the deli, and there we go. Next time mom
is having one of those days, she thinks Hometown Deli. “Kids, get in the van!” I can hear her now.

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