Voice Talent

Sarah Se.

Sarah has a smooth and sexy voice. She has a great upbeat energy and has a tender compassionate side.

Talent Data:

Gender: F

Union Eligibility: Non-U

Languages: British

Community Health Plan
accented, accented English, caring, classy, compelling, concerned, confident, conversational, english-showcase, friendly, genuine, impression, informative, inspirational, real, sincere, sweet, thoughtful, warm

Elephant Ivory
accented, accented English, anti-announcer, british, caring, concerned, confessional, conversational, genuine, real, serious, sincere, soft-spoken, storyteller

accented English, announcer, british, compelling, confident, english-showcase, edgy, promo, raspy, upbeat

Global Business
accented, accented English, british, compelling, confident, english-showcase, friendly, genuine, informative, raspy, sweet

Hair Styling
accented, accented English, announcer, british, compelling, cool, english-showcase, impression, raspy, sexy, smooth

Product Development
accented English, authoritative, british, classy, confident, corporate, english-showcase, informative, long form, neutral

Sapphire Isle
accented, accented English, announcer, british, classy, compelling, confident, cool, english-showcase, edgy, imaging, impression, sexy, sophisticated



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