Voice Talent

Marty M

A chameleon when it comes to voices giving you exactly what you want when you need it.

Talent Data:

Gender: M

Union Eligibility: Non-U

Languages: English

Acqua Panna
announcer, classy, compelling, confident, conversational, cool, Deep Voice, holiday, inspirational, mature, mellow, romantic, smooth, warm

animated, announcer, anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, Booming, bravado, cocky, Deep Voice, edgy, extreme, gravelly, gritty, hip-hop, promo, raspy, retail, retro, tough

anti-announcer, attitude, compelling, cool, Deep Voice, edgy, folksy, retail, tough

Auto Insurance
announcer, authoritative, concerned, confident, conversational, corporate, father, genuine, guy-next-door, informative, middle-age, professional, real, warm

100 Percent
anti-announcer, attitude, bravado, caring, cocky, compelling, concerned, confident, conversational, cool, deadpan, edgy, elitist, friendly, generation-x, genuine, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, guy-next-door, hard-sell, high-energy, hipster, informative, inspirational, mature, mellow, millennial, motivational, narrative, ominous, perky, raspy, real, retail, serious, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, sophisticated, tough, upbeat, warm

Sunny D
animated, announcer, friendly, high-energy, perky, promo, retail, upbeat

Clear Eyes
animated, announcer, friendly, hard-sell, high-energy, motivational, promo, retail, upbeat

animated, announcer, friendly, hard-sell, high-energy, promo, retail, upbeat

Museum of Science
conversational, deadpan, edgy, folksy, humorous, real, upbeat

announcer, bravado, compelling, confident, conversational, friendly, high-energy, informative, inspirational, long form, motivational, narrative, nostalgic, perky, pompous, promo, smooth, sophisticated, storyteller, upbeat

announcer, anti-announcer, attitude, cocky, compelling, confident, cool

announcer, authoritative, Booming, bravado, compelling, confident, edgy, Gravitas, informative, motivational, movie-trailer, narrative, ominous, pompous, promo, serious, smooth, sophisticated, storyteller

Dorothy Lynch
anti-announcer, conversational, cool, father, guy-next-door, high-energy, informative, middle-age, midlife, upbeat

Dry Eyes
announcer, caring, confident, cool, friendly, Gravitas, hard-sell, high-energy, informative, motivational, perky, upbeat

How to Drive
anti-announcer, attitude, caring, cocky, confident, conversational, edgy, friendly, Gravitas, gritty, guy-next-door, hard-sell, high-energy, informative, midlife, motivational, sincere, thoughtful, upbeat

Power of the Sun
antagonistic, anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, Booming, bravado, cocky, confident, Deep Voice, edgy, extreme, friendly, gritty, hard-sell, high-energy, informative, motivational, raspy, surfer-dude, tough, upbeat

cartoon, confident, conversational, cool, folksy, friendly, genuine, informative, mellow, motivational, narrative, soft-spoken, storyteller, warm, worldly

animated, anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, cartoon, character, confident, cool, crazy, elitist, executive, extreme, friendly, Gravitas, high-energy, humorous, impression, kooky, oddball, perky, upbeat

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