Voice Talent

Joanna R.

Joanna is a very versatile Spanish/English talent. She's smooth, sexy, and sweet as well as hard-hitting. A real one-stop talent!

Talent Data:

Gender: F

Union Eligibility: Non-U

Languages: Castilian Spanish

Be The Change - English
compelling cool motivational

Commercial Demo

Conversational Friends Charismatic - English
conversational soft-spoken

Conversational Friends Charismatic-Spanish
conversational foreign-language

Conversational Journey Charisma - English
conversational sexy

Conversational Journey Charisma - Spanish
conversational foreign-language

Corporate Animation
corporate animated

Corporate Demo - Spanish
corporate Spanish

GoStu - TV
animated informative announcer

Healthcare Commercial - English

Healthcare Network - English
caring compelling concerned conversational friendly genuine

IBM - Spanish
announcer corporate informative professional Matter of Fact Straight Forward

iPad Television - Spanish
character foreign-language

Momondo commercial - Spanish
confessional cool foreign-language sexy

Powershop Cloud
confident foreign-language friendly genuine

Shoe commercial - Spanish
compelling confident cool foreign-language

Showcase Demo

Travel Adventure - English
confessional cool serious

Travel Spain - English
conversational warm

Turismo De Mexico - Spanish
compelling conversational cool foreign foreign-language friendly genuine holiday sexy warm

Winery - English
compelling friendly

Winery - Spanish
confident conversational friendly


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