Voice Talent

Harrison V.

Great teen and younger adult voice - attitudinal, caring, slightly raspy, Harrison covers it all.

Talent Data:

Gender: M

Union Eligibility: Non-U

Languages: English

animated, announcer, attitude, confident, cool, millennial, promo, retail, teenager, upbeat, younger, young adult

Booming, confident, hard-sell, high-energy, promo, upbeat, young adult

cool, genuine, guy-next-door, promo, young, young adult

After The Virus
attitude, authoritative, bravado, compelling, concerned, confident, cool, edgy, Gravitas, millennial, narrative, ominous, serious, storyteller, teenager, tough, young adult

Cyber Attack
announcer, authoritative, compelling, concerned, corporate, Gravitas, informative, millennial, narrative, ominous, professional, serious, teenager, thoughtful, tough, young adult

The West Is Filled With Adventure
compelling, confessional, confident, cool, inspirational, millennial, motivational, narrative, storyteller, teenager, thoughtful, young adult

Environmental Science
authoritative, confident, corporate, informative, millennial, narrative, professional, young adult

A New Career
authoritative, informative, millennial, motivational, real, teenager, upbeat, young adult

What Are You Waiting For??
animated, authoritative, confident, cool, hard-sell, high-energy, millennial, teenager, upbeat, younger, young adult

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