Voice Talent

Greg E.

Greg is the everyday guy, your best friend, brother, coworker, and dad. He has a great sincerity to his voice. He can also add a little edge and push into those GenX and movie trailer reads.

Talent Data:

Gender: M

Union Eligibility: Union and Non-Union

Languages: English

Discover Card
caring, conversational, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, sincere

Dodge Charger
announcer, biting, bravado, confident, cool, deep voice, edgy, extreme, raspy

TGI Fridays
conversational, genuine, upbeat

Ketle One Vodka
bravado, confident, cool, edgy, generation-x, genuine, gritty

Verizon Data Plan
confident, conversational, friendly, generation-x, genuine, guy-next-door, real

Your Dad
caring, conversational, father, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, real, sincere, young adult

Moments with Water
friendly, guy-next-door, sincere, young adult

Coughing Disrupts
announcer, conversational

TV Promo - Showtime
announcer, deadpan, edgy, generation-x, promo

TV Promo - HGTV
announcer, friendly, generation-x, guy-next-door, promo, upbeat

TV Promo -The Voice
announcer, extreme, friendly, generation-x, promo, upbeat

Political TV - Divided America

Political TV - One Nation

TV - Showcase

Showcase Demo


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