Voice Talent

Frances O.

Frances' smooth, warm delivery will be the perfect fit for your message!

Talent Data:

Gender: F

Union Eligibility: Non-U

Languages: English

Digital Disruptors
African American, announcer, authoritative, confident, corporate, executive, informative, mellow, narrative, smooth, technical

Herbal Essences
African American, confident, cool, mellow, smooth

Moments in Our Lives
African American, caring, compelling, fuzzy, inspirational, mellow, motivational, narrative, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, storyteller, thoughtful, warm

Sleep Outfitters
African American, confident, cool, retail, smooth, upbeat

St. Jude
African American, caring, compelling, concerned, inspirational, mellow, motivational, serious, sincere, soft-spoken, thoughtful, warm



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