Voice Talent

Eric W.

Great, everyman sound, versatile - cuts through the clutter.

Client Comments:

"Eric is a superb talent, and it was really a pleasure working with him again."

"Nice doing business with folks like you, Eric, and Jessica whose talent and professionalism help us take things to a higher level."

Talent Data:

Gender: M

Union Eligibility: Open

Languages: English

Jersey Mike's Subs
anti-announcer, bravado, confident, conversational, cool, genuine, guy-next-door, promo

The Defibrillator
authoritative, confident, cool, genuine, homespun, informative, real, sincere

Toyota Tundra
animated, announcer, genuine, hard-sell, homespun

Without Health Insurance
announcer, bravado, concerned, folksy, game-show-host, genuine, impression, informative, professional, promo, real

attitude, bravado, confident, cool, crazy, french, genuine, informative, oddball, upbeat

The Hare & The Tortoise
animated, attitude, authoritative, confident, cool, edgy, humorous, narrative, storyteller, upbeat

Wheel of Meat
game-show-host, high-energy, professional, retro

Outdoor Life Network
confessional, cool, folksy, generation-x, homespun, professional, smooth

bravado, character, confident, german, inspirational, professional, tough, worldly

Mary Immaculate Hospital
bravado, classy, compelling, confident, genuine, informative, narrative, professional, real

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
cocky, conversational, edgy, Gravitas, impression, mature, new-jersey, new-york, raspy, tough

Weekend Getaway
anti-announcer, confident, genuine, real, younger

Evening at the Improv
newscaster, oddball, promo, retro

Captain SaveRite
animated, announcer, character, superhero

The Perfect Wave
anti-announcer, character, cool, humorous, surfer-dude

Hargray Wireless
anti-announcer, conversational, friendly, younger

friendly, genuine, homespun, informative

First Horizon
caring, concerned, genuine

Elvis Number Ones
caring, concerned, genuine, high-energy

Staples Center
confident, edgy, gritty, tough

Arby's Beef and Cheddar Deal
animated, announcer, promo, retail

anti-announcer, real, smooth

Jakks Pacific Flywheel
extreme, kooky, retro, smooth

Anti-Smoking Campaign
announcer, attitude, compelling, concerned, corporate

Smuggler's Notch
raspy, serious, upbeat

Big Bear - Valentine's Day for Men
edgy, narrative, newscaster

Make America Great Again
announcer, bravado, concerned, confident, political

announcer, bravado, conversational, corporate, Gravitas, informative

Eric W Political Demo

Eric W - Showcase Demo


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