Voice Talent

Dave D.

Lots of range here! Storyteller, friendly spokesman, authoritative, believable, trustworthy, honest, distinctive,
man-on-the-street,etc. And if you need a go-to-guy to make with the funny--
Dave's also an experienced comedian with improv skills.

Talent Data:

Gender: M

Union Eligibility: Non-U

Languages: English

Roll Up Sleeves
bravado, confident, cool, genuine, political, smooth, warm

Hometown Pride
authoritative, genuine, Midwest, narrative, political, real, sincere, storyteller

Katie Britt - Putting Alabama First
announcer, compelling, conversational, country, political

Farm To Table
anti-announcer, caring, conversational, cool, genuine, midlife, narrative, smooth, storyteller, warm

Qualities you Demand
edgy, Midwest, motivational, political

Closer Than You Think
Midwest, storyteller, thoughtful, warm

Never Rest
announcer, gravelly, gritty, real

Dad on an Energy Bike
character, conversational, father, friendly, humorous, kooky, storyteller

This is the Place
announcer, confident, cool, friendly, Midwest, serious, sincere, warm

Not How You Print
character, concerned, friendly, genuine, humorous, oddball, wimp

Retail Grapes
cool, deadpan, friendly, retail

In Harms Way
attitude, bravado, cool, gritty

Natural Gas
Midwest, narrative, political, thoughtful

Phone Retail
caring, Deep Voice, genuine, retail

A Drinks In Order
announcer, classy, cool

Insurance Interview
classy, cool, oddball, real, street-interview

Talk About Trust
corporate, friendly, genuine

Not About Us
anti-announcer, real, thoughtful

Hospital Promo
caring, concerned, cool, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, warm

Dan vs. The Appendix
humorous, political, retro

Steel Company
narrative, storyteller

Air Service
biting, character, deadpan

Elephants in the Lobby
concerned, executive

That Guy

Swimming Pool

internet Knows
attitude, confessional, deadpan, guy-next-door, oddball

Tobacco Prevention
authoritative, compelling, concerned, cool, gritty

History of the Ozarks
announcer, conversational, folksy, narrative, storyteller

Yes On J
announcer, attitude, concerned, genuine, political

Political Dog Track
biting, humorous, political

Power of 3 Oddities
announcer, cool, promo

Penzone short
announcer, attitude, father

Under My Feet
caring, confident, homespun, narrative, political, Sam Elliott style

Built On Freedom
bravado, inspirational, political, sincere, storyteller

Quit Smoking
genuine, gritty, motivational, promo, real, sincere

Intense Situation
attitude, authoritative, compelling, confident, cool, edgy, narrative, technical

Political Showcase
english-showcase, political

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