Voice Talent

Bobby O.

A dynamic talent with incredible range! From serious to hilarious or guy next door to announcer, Bobby can do it all!

Talent Data:

Gender: M

Union Eligibility: Non-U

Languages: English

anti-announcer, conversational, genuine, informative, real, wimp, young adult

Cancer Discovery
confident, genuine, Gravitas, inspirational, narrative, ominous, professional, serious, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, storyteller, thoughtful, warm

Digital Cable
anti-announcer, attitude, cocky, confident, cool, edgy, hipster, millennial, young adult

Free Falling
animated, anti-announcer, character, crazy, extreme, genuine, guy-next-door, high-energy, humorous, kooky, millennial, perky, real, upbeat, younger, young adult

announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, cocky, confident, edgy, gritty, tough, upbeat

Healthcare Needs
announcer, confident, cool, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, mellow, real, retail, sincere, younger, young adult

Jewelry Experts
announcer, anti-announcer, caring, classy, compelling, conversational, friendly, mellow, raspy, romantic, sincere, smooth, sweet, thoughtful, warm

Meal Deal
conversational, guy-next-door, real, sincere, upbeat

Music Industry
announcer, authoritative, compelling, confident, informative, younger

Political Demo
announcer, antagonistic, anti-announcer, compelling, concerned, conversational, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, political, real, young adult

announcer, anti-announcer, authoritative, confident, conversational, friendly, informative, political, real, young adult

Student Loans
anti-announcer, compelling, concerned, inspirational, sincere, thoughtful

announcer, anti-announcer, confident, corporate, friendly, informative, inspirational, long form, narrative, professional, sincere, technical, young adult

The Realm
announcer, character, compelling, confident, conversational, deadpan, Gravitas, narrative, ominous, serious, soft-spoken, storyteller, worldly

announcer, confident, edgy, extreme, gritty, hard-sell, high-energy, promo, upbeat



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