Voice Talent

Andy T.

A versatile genuine British voice talent is skilled in American, Australian, French, German, and Cockney accents.

Talent Data:

Gender: M

Union Eligibility: Open

Languages: British

Movies On The Go
British, smooth, soft-spoken

Photo Lab
British, informative, real

Frozen Wilderness
British, compelling, long form, mellow, smooth

Missing Persons
British, character, deadpan

Complex Pace
British, corporate, genuine, narrative, professional

Stupid People
British, concerned, edgy, humorous

Wild Grape Intros PopStars
British, cartoon, character, high-energy, sportscaster, street-interview, upbeat

Limon Grows
British, character, newscaster

Earl of Sandwich
British, character, nostalgic, storyteller

Ultimate Hoax
announcer, narrative, upbeat

Interview Tips
British, game-show-host

Spam Messages
antagonistic, biting, British

Live In Concert
British, compelling, promo

Food Werx
British, classy, confident, cool, sophisticated

Las Vegas
British, high-energy

Hospital in Ethiopia
British, compelling, conversational, imaging, promo

Land Rover
British, retail

Protect Galaxies
British, character, long form, oddball, technical

Human Body
British, technical

Thousands of Pills
British, deadpan, technical

Audio Booklet
authoritative, British, conversational, corporate, sophisticated

Deal Appeal
announcer, attitude, authoritative, British, edgy, street-interview

GOP 1 Receptor
caring, conversational, long form, technical

Showcase Demo
British, English-Showcase


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