Tuesday Talent Tip: Tim D

Tim D, one of Studio Center’s Voiceover Talents gives you today’s Tuesday Talent Tip

I like to be prepared for an audition, which doesn’t always happen for me, but it helps to get a feel for the script. I like to take a look at it at least an hour or so ahead of time before an audition. Maybe highlight the words that need to be emphasized. I’ll read through it on my own, in my car at home, or wherever just to get used to it. It really helps for me to hear what I sound like, to say the words, and to work through the awkwardly written sentences. Sometimes I’ll record it on my phone and even listen to what I sound like. I even save my old scripts and re-read them later thinking, "Damn, I could have done that a little bit better." One thing I’d like to recommend is taking a good deep breath before each sentence. It’s easy to run out of air. Most of all, be open, take direction, and have fun with the character.

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