Tuesday Talent Tip: Imagine A Person

Julie H, One of Studio Center's Female Voiceover Talents gives you today's Tuesday Talent Tip

One thing you're going to see a lot on a lot of different scripts in the specs is non-announcer, conversational. This is hard to do as a voicover talent because we read our scripts. The goal is to make reading the scripts sound like you're talking to a real person. So my tip, imagine someone in your life that you would be talking to about this product, this promo, this event, whatever it is. Imagine a real person. I do auditions all the time imagining, "Well, how would I tell my husband about this?" How would that be different if I were to tell my sister about it or my best friend from high school about it? Imagine a real life person. Add those little nuances that you have in your voice when you're talking to a real human being. Like the sighs, and the "ah huh," and the "hmmms." Those things are great little additions to the script that you've been given that bring that script to life. 

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