Tuesday Talent Tip: Angela C

Angela C, one of Studio Center’s Voiceover Talents gives you today’s Tuesday Talent Tip

Record multiple takes and recruit help. If you’re recording from home and don’t have the luxury of a professional engineer to give you feedback, make sure to record multiple takes and recruit help. Sometimes the way we hear our voice and the way others hear our voice is completely different. We tend to be a little more critical and less objective with ourselves. It’s important to record at least six to eight takes, making them all a little different and then recruit a good friend or family member you really trust. Fill them in on what the specs are so they understand what the client is looking for and then listen to all the takes and narrow it down to the best one. Lastly, remember to really value your friend or family members' feedback, even if it feels like criticism. They may not be a professional, but their intention is to help you, so don’t take it personal. This is also good practice for when you land a job, and the client is giving challenging direction.

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